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The Story

When Rodney Fickle (Isaac Moody), a twenty something with a lack of direction, a dead end office job and an impressive gaming console collection decides it’s time he did something with his life he is pushed by his co-worker and best mate Dave (Ben Williams) to pursue his dream of becoming the greatest Professional Video Gamer in the history of E-Sports.

Soon, Rodney finds himself leaving his comfort zone and entering the highly competitive, highly lucrative world of E-Sports. Can Rodney fend off competing gaming clans, one of which is led by his nemesis Eric (Kane Sarota) meet the expectations of his incredibly driven and demanding agent Janet (Ariana Dickson) win back the love of his ex-girlfriend Marie (Susie McCann) and win the Online Athlete Tournament?

Rodney Fickle Online Athlete



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Cast and Filmmakers

Rodney Fickle Online Athlete

Isaac Moody - Rodney Fickle

Isaac Moody has studied drama at Queensland University of Technology and has appeared in various stage productions and short films throughout South East Queensland.... (more)

Rodney Fickle Online Athlete

Ben Williams - Dave Barrett

Ben sprung forth from parents highly regarded in Australian theatrical and film circles, is a musician who spent several years in musical theatre.... (more)

Rodney Fickle Online Athlete

Kane Sarota - Eric Millar

Born in Melbourne with a Polish heritage, Kane Sarota was preparing to study Architecture when he attended an audition with a friend for moral support.... (more)

Rodney Fickle Online Athlete

Ariana Dickson - Producer/Janet Anderson

Ariana has had a love of stories since childhood. Eventually growing up she expanded her interest across many story platforms including books, films, TV shows, comics and video games....(more)

Rodney Fickle Online Athlete

Susie McCann - Marie Taylor

Before moving to Melbourne, Susie lived on the sunny Gold Coast where she ran her own studio and taught at schools in areas of voice, keyboard and piano.... (more)

Rodney Fickle Online Athlete

Scott Dickson - Writer/Director

Scott Dickson is a 32 year old first time filmmaker who has had a passion for movies since he was a child. Over the course of several years, Scott would spend time learning anything he could about filmmaking techniques....(more)