Ariana Dickson - Producer/Janet Anderson

Ariana has had a love of stories since childhood. Eventually growing up she expanded her interest across many story platforms including books, films, TV shows, comics and video games. She has become 'that' person, yelling at the TV, spoiling the end of a show by predictiing 'who did it' and has developed a mutant like ability to quote every piece of dialogue from any episode of MacGyver.

Becoming involved in theatre at a young age, she became more interested in the production side of story-telling and trained in Theatre Production following up with qualifications and several years experience in Business Management. Ariana become involved in producing Rodney Fickle Online Athlete when her husband said he was going to 'make a movie', but not before confirming the nature of the movie... He's wanted to 'make movies' before... In addition to playing the role of Janet, Ariana used her experience in managing teams to coordinate the production and functions as one of the film's two producers. Ariana is currently in pre production on Rodney Fickle:MVP with husband Scott.

Ariana Dickson